Welcome to the Passet Hotel

The Hotel Passet in Pragelato is the ideal destination for a holiday in the heart of nature and for tasting the
products of the mountains. The perfect base for your holiday in Alta Val Chisone in the Cottian Alps.

Albergo ristorante Passet di Pragelato in Piemonte

Our values

High quality

We carefully select local, high quality products, enhanced with traditional recipes.

The tradition

Our cuisine and each of our dishes have a heritage, a history, a sense of belonging to our place.

Our Customers

Customers are our smile, we value their thoughts and advice and learn from them.

The nature

Here at Hotel Passet we want to be faithful and loyal to local values. Our mission is to create a close
relationship with our clients and the territory.

Fine foods

Our dishes are inspired by the traditions of the mountains.
Our beloved mountain decides which products we use and which we don’t. Our creativity comes from the need to satisfy the customer at every stage, from starter to dessert.

Chef Passet albergo ristorante Pragelato

Our warm and cozy dens

Our rooms are a refuge for those who want to take a break and relax, like an animal’s den, where they can feel as protected as at home.

Our heritage products

At Passet Restaurant you can always be sure that you know where your food comes from and how it is linked to the territory, respecting the places it comes from and supporting local producers.

The activities in the area

The most precious thing we have is time and here you can enjoy it away from the hustle and bustle of city life, experiencing wonderful adventures in nature.

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Where you can find us

Via Nazionale, 121 – 10060 Pragelato (TO)

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